Business core values: developing your corporate DNA

What are your business core values? Or have you yet to define them?

Developing business core values is essential, regardless of whether your company is a startup or mega enterprise.

And when decided upon, they should be shared with customers, clients and employees. In fact, organizations like Zappos actually paste the values on every wall, so that they are always on everyone’s mind. And so far, this has worked wonderfully well for them.

Defining business core values unifies teams, keeping them on the same page, affect hiring decisions, ensuring that you bring on the best and the most suitable talent on board, and ensure that everyone collaborates more effectively, contributing to business goals.

But business values are different for every company out there, depending on the industry, brand personality, targeted audience and business vision and mission statement.

Let’s take a detailed look at what exactly are business core values, why should you develop them and how can...

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