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No fluff added.  Micro-speed learning for people who desire to learn how to grow their sales, create a culture, and connect with more customers than ever before.


Our courses are created by two former Apple guys (one responsible for 9-figure deals) who understand the value of solving the biggest problems for their customers.  

Work smart.


Italo's Story

He believes that core values fuel great leadership and a thriving space of growth. Through online mentoring and training courses, he's helping leaders and organizations achieve a major 180° breakthrough.

What's my story?

At an early age of 7 years, I began practicing for public speaking. My first mentor led me to believe that anything can be possible with the right knowledge, discipline and commitment.

Leaving such a profound impact in his life, I sought mentors all his life that created a level of impact in his growth.

At Apple, I learned that there are never problems, only solutions. After leaving Google, I founded 2 companies on pure passion: a photography and video production company that captured stories through the lens, and a boutique branding agency that helped elevate brands and generate growth.

After solving problems and creating the right strategies for CEO's and founders, in 2018, I decided to merge my knowledge with whom I consider a true mentor and friend. My exciting journey started one day, when I was fishing with John Vargas, and he began sharing stories about how he got a photo with Steve Jobs.

I had learned that in 1997, John closed his first 9-figure deal, and quickly became recognized by Steve and Cupertino for the incredible results he had produced. After 24 exciting years of working at Apple, John retired and began solving the biggest problems for CEOs and executives. Our partnership became a natural marriage.

If there's something I learned from John is the power of simplicity. He shared multiple stories about Steve Jobs view on keeping it simple, saying no to the 1,000 ideas and saying yes to the right one.

We're truly excited to share our knowledge in what we believe every person in the world needs - a simplified sales academy - fueled by core values.

The world is full of noisy, overcrowded information. More people than ever lack of confidence in closing their sales. People have less time to invest in themselves and more people are beginning to realize that no matter what you do in life, you're either buying someone's vision, or selling yours.

We want to make the process simple and easy for anyone in the world to gain full confidence, and learn to solve their customers biggest problems.

Ready to go all in?

Every month, we connect on a live training to help solve your biggest sales problems (or your customers!).  


You have nothing to worry about. We offer full refunds up to 14 days after purchase.


Watch on the go.  Your class will play in any modern browser anywhere.



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