How Core Values Translate Into Sales

Begin with your why

Knowing your “why” provides you with a firm base from which you can take off, make decisions, and grow. Without such a sense of purpose or knowledge of what you stand for, you’ll be aimless; trying to catch every fad and whims that you come across.

An organization or a business is no different when it comes to requiring such a sense of purpose to guide their future decisions. That sense of purpose is built upon a set of core values.

These values represent what an organization holds absolutely dear and have an overarching impact across everything that an organization does; from its marketing efforts to hiring practices, from how organizations source their supplies to how they treat their customers, etc.

What do core values represent for a company?

Core values are what shape up the organization’s culture, support the vision, and reflect the company’s identity and beliefs. Without a set of elaborately defined core values, your business...

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Attributes of a great leader

Anyone can be a manager, even a leader, but becoming a leader is a whole other ballgame, and even more challenging is to be an inspiring leader who can motivate and empower the people, the team whom they lead.

Why effective attributes of a great leader can be rewarding

The best of the best leaders do get caught in difficult situations, face hardships and encounter conflicts, but they overcome all obstacles that come their way… Simply because they are determined to achieve their goals and succeed.

It doesn't matter if its about boosting a team’s productivity levels, or even ensuring that their business becomes the leading firm or organization in the industry.

The best leaders are known for finding a way out even when all doors are closed, for accomplishing the impossible, for succeeding and emerging at the top, no matter what.

The problem: millennials, or the corporations?

Generally, business leaders are in a crisis these days. According to studies, 33% of employees...

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How to find happiness within yourself: create positive habits at work

We have no time to be in a negative mood.  Yet, we are surrounded by a negative world.

And it is up to us to create the right habits that will help us become highly effective leaders, close more sales, grow to sustain our families, and reach for the goals that we desire.

We've prepared a brief guide of things you can fine tune in your life to create positive habits at work that will help you remain happy in the worst of times, and turn your focus on what really matters.

A Guide on How to Find Happiness within Yourself: creating positive habits at work

The society we live in has created many trends and guidelines by what is believed we must follow.  In the quest to imitate society, most people feel a level of disconnection and the question arises: How to find happiness within yourself at work?

For most, work obviously isn't the source of happiness.  Neither is money.  

But if you want to be effective, and save a lot of time, you must find ways to stay in...

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How to View Failure as a Positive Thing

We all fail over the courses of our lives, right? If we are being completely honest about it, the fact of the matter is that the feeling suck. However, what if we were to tell you that failure doesn’t have to be a negative experience? Therefore, the question arises: how to view failure as a positive thing?

Tips on How to View Failure as a Positive Thing

Here are some of the reasons why you can choose to view failures as something positive. These tips will help you guide your life in the right direction:

At Least You Did Something

The first perspective that you can take, when it comes to viewing failure as a positive thing, is that of action. Why did you fail? Well, it was because you tried something, right? Many people are so afraid to step out of their comfort zones that they end up living their lives not doing anything challenging at all. Trying something out requires an unbelievable amount of courage.

A majority of the people don’t take any risks in their lives, in...

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Business core values: developing your corporate DNA

What are your business core values? 

Developing business core values is essential, regardless of whether your company is a startup or an enterprise.

And when decided upon, they should be shared with customers, clients and employees. In fact, organizations like Zappos actually paste the values on every wall, so that they are always on everyone’s mind. And so far, this has worked wonderfully well for them.

Defining business core values unifies teams, keeping them on the same page, affect hiring decisions, ensuring that you bring on the best and the most suitable talent on board, and ensure that everyone collaborates more effectively, contributing to business goals.

But business values are different for every company out there, depending on the industry, brand personality, targeted audience and business vision and mission statement.

Let’s take a detailed look at what exactly are business core values, why should you develop them and how can you do so.

What are...

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Transform your mind to increase your sales

When you are selling, you must sell with a brand new mindset, and it all starts with your integrity and ability to transform it quickly, in order to transmit the right message.

Our thoughts and the way we shape them determine the kind of life we will lead. Our life can be happy, just satisfactory, or really sad based on the nature of our thoughts. Transform your mind to increase your sales, and train it to accommodate only positive thoughts and emotions.  Set yourself up to have a happier existence.

Being happy and optimistic will generate a feeling of joy in our body, which will make us more content with our surroundings and give out positive energy.  Your customers will completely appreciate this special part of you.  

Furthermore, when you are happy, your blood and circulation supply increases, which is healthy for your organs. Your willingness to transform the thoughts that pull you down and stop you from leaving your bed will not only spur you...

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